ALEX°BALL is the fruit of a volcanic passion for style and for my job. Distinguishing oneself, making oneself known, going against the grain, and inventing something new have been the principle bases of my mood. To look at the world from another point of view, to see lots of colors and gather the hues, recite a fairytale in which the protagonists are dreams and the magic of a sphere, an essential timeless shape full of symbology.


In 1957, Luigi Guerci and Dario Pallavidini laid the foundations for the Guerci & Pallavidini Com-pany that through the years has become a reference point for those who search for high quality in the Goldsmith sector.

Specialized in the production of mounts, they confirmed the fact that they were leaders in their segment of the market.

In 1993, todays actual general director and unique partner, Alessandro Pallavidini, joined the com-pany who has activated his commercial renovation and expansion endeavor.

In 2003, The revolutionary idea of ALEX°BALL was born, a collection with a unique and modern design.

In 2014, ALEX°BALL Milano evolved into a mono brand with three collection lines: the first was precious and sought-after with gold and diamonds, the second was of spectacular design realized with simple-to-wear materials, and the third was classic, where the diamonds were exalted from our Guerci Pallavidini mounts.

In 2015, in Courmayeur, the first mono brand store was inaugurated, a starting point of the devel-opment of a chain of the most beautiful italian touristic locations.


Every masterpiece takes its form under the careful attention of distinguished goldsmith artesans. Only by the passion that we have for our work along with the experience of a lifetime were we able to reach heights of quality and definition of a unique product on the market. The masterpieces are completely idealized and produced in our factory in Valenza, Italy. ALEX°BALL Milano takes pride in this fact.


The term “jewellery” is too inflated and is often associated with a product that is of scarce value and/or realized in poor materials. By choice, we define our creations as Masterpieces to be distinguished from all of the so called “jewellery” out there and to transmit to the Client the love, passion and creativity that a typical of an artist.

Furthermore, Art has been in our family’s DNA for the last three generations because Giovanni Pallavidini, father of the founder, was an excellent painter.



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